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What You Need to Know about the VA Construction Loan

If you served in any branch of the United States military, you have multiple advantages and benefits when it comes to certain financial processes. For example, if you want to construct a new home, you are eligible for a loan that doesn’t require any form of down payment. Normally, any financial institution requires a down…

One Time Close Construction Loan vs Two Closings

Congratulations! You are looking at getting a construction loan for your new build or renovation, which means you’ve reached the point where your dream home can now become your new reality! While researching possible funding solutions, you’ve likely seen construction loan packages which say they are either a “one time close” loan or a two…

Different Types of Construction Loans

When you finally make the decision to build a new home, finding the right construction loan to meet your funding needs can be difficult. After-all, there are many different types of construction loans available today. And, these can change depending on the lender you go with. In this article we are going to explore the…

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