Perfect for buyers with exceptional credit looking for finance a large build, our Jumbo construction loans provide you with the capital you need to get started with benefits to help you get the project finished.

Jumbo loans are non-conforming loans, meaning they don’t fall under the guidelines of any government agency. Therefore, their requirements are slightly different from a conventional loan.

  • Available for any amount over $584k.
  • Loans up to $1million require 15% down payment.
  • Loans of $1-3million require 30% down payment.
  • Loan terms of 15 or 30 years
  • Minimum 700 credit score.

Being approved for a jumbo loan can be an arduous task, and not one for the financial faint of heart. But when you team up with our great team of experts, we will walk you through the process from start to finish. You will know what to expect before it happens and know what to plan for in the future, once the construction process is complete.

Why Choose Us?


Our experience has allowed us to streamline the process of funding your new project. We help you understand each step and gather the needed information upfront, taking the worry and stress out of funding your dream.


We are good and we are FAST. With thousands of loans under our belt, we know what’s needed to get you to the closing table as quickly as possible….faster even than your bank!


A dedicated loan officer will walk you through the entire loan process. Any questions you have will be answered upfront, before any process is complete. With us, there are no banker ours; we answer your questions when you have them, not days later.

The Benefits

When compared to other traditional lending methods, there are many benefits to choosing a jumbo construction loan. Here are just a few to mention:

  • Finance land and construction together.
  • Fixed jumbo construction loan interest rates.
  • Save time and money with a one-time close.
  • Only pay interest on funds disbursed through the construction process.

When you’re ready, we have a team of loan officers ready to assist you. Got questions? Let us help answer them and get you on your way to building your dream home today!

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