Our VA construction loan is our way to give back to those who sacrificed it all. We’ll help you build your dream home and make the process as smooth as possible.

Unlike a tradition VA loan, a VA construction loan is paid out as each project milestone is met. The funds are put into an account accessible to the builder once they’ve shown that portion of the project is completed.

  • Must be a veteran or military member.
  • Minimum 640 credit score.
  • In some cases, no down payment required. (Closing costs still required.)
  • Loan amounts can be up to $548k.

When building with a VA construction loan, the residence must be your primary residence. Additionally, you will want to find a builder who is licensed, insured, and can submit a complete set of plans before applying for the loan. Don’t worry; we’ll communicate directly with your builder on your behalf to make to they submit everything need for the loan to be approved as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us?


Our experience has allowed us to streamline the process of funding your new project. We help you understand each step and gather the needed information upfront, taking the worry and stress out of funding your dream.


We are good and we are FAST. With thousands of loans under our belt, we know what’s needed to get you to the closing table as quickly as possible….faster even than your bank!


A dedicated loan officer will walk you through the entire loan process. Any questions you have will be answered upfront, before any process is complete. With us, there are no banker ours; we answer your questions when you have them, not days later.

The Benefits

If you are eligible for a VA construction loan, you have access to some incredible benefits not available on a traditional loan. That eligibility gets you:

  • No down payment
  • Lower, fixed rates
  • Better loan terms
  • No monthly mortgage insurance needed

Whether you are wanting to build or renovate a home, we’ve got the right package for you. If you’re a veteran or active service member, and are eligible for a VA loan, we have a team standing by to help you in the process. Don’t go it alone; contact us today to get started.

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